Lansdowne Station 19

Working Fire in Warehouse


Wednesday, June 5, 2013  Truck 19 was initially dispatched to Yeadon Borough for a water flow alarm in a warehouse located on Baltimore Pike, but just a minute after the dispatch it was upgraded to a working commercial building fire. Upon arrival and entry Truck 19's inside crew along with Engine 24s crew were met by a lot of smoke. At this time Truck 19's officer along with Truck 19 Irons man went ahead of the engine company in search of the fire while the outside crew got the ladder to the roof and got ready for roof operations. Truck 19's inside crew located the fire in the locker room and then instructed 24 engine company to their destination where it was then extinguished. Crews then began to overhaul and check for extension. Moments later the fire was placed under control and extensive ventilation was performed by Hovercraft 12.