Lansdowne Station 19



Thursday, June 11, 2015 LIVE IN MEMBERS WANTED


The LFCo is currently accepting applications for LIVE IN Members. We are a busy pro active Department running 600+ fire calls per year from one station. We are located just two miles from West Philadelphia and minutes from the University of Penn, Drexel University, Temple University and St Josephs University along with numerous Technical and Commuinity Colleges. We are within walking distance to numerous public transportation stations. LIVE IN members would enjoy the following benefits:

-          Proactive Department in an Urban location running more than 600 Fire calls a year

-          Station work uniform and Dress uniform provided after probation period.

-          All formal training at local Fire Academies provided free of charge

-          Weekly in house training

-          Modern equipment and facilities

-          In house gym facility

-          Open style bunk room

-          Recently renovated kitchen and crew room

-          Free Wi-Fi service in station

-          Life Insurance policy provided through the Fireman’s Relief Association of Lansdowne

Requirements to apply for the Live-In Program:


                        1. Applicants must be 18 years of age and/or a high school graduate.

                        2. Applicants will submit an updated and current associate membership application to be placed on file.

                        3. Applicants will submit a signed contract indicating they will abide by and understand all requirements, rules and guidelines of the Firefighter Live-In Program.

                       4. Applicants will present current certifications confirming they are/have:

                                    a. Completed Essentials of Firefighting, or equivalent,

                                    b. Certified Hazmat Operations trained, or higher,

                                    c. American Heart Association "Healthcare Provider" level. (Adult, Child & Infant CPR & AED)

            5. Applicants will gain additional consideration if they also present curren certifications confirming they are:

                                    a. Pro-Board Certified Firefighter I, or higher.

                                    b. Certified Basic Vehicle Rescue trained, or higher.

                                    c. Pennsylvania Department of Health Certified Paramedic, EMT, or  Emergency First Responder.

                                    d. Certified Rapid Intervention Team Awareness trained.

                                    e. Certified Rapid Intervention Crew Exercise, or higher, trained.

All interested candidates are asked to send an email to, Attention LIVE IN Committee