Lansdowne Station 19

Truck and Pipeline to 16 Fire

Saturday, June 1, 2013  Early this evening, companies were hit out for a building fire in the Borough of Yeadon. Truck 19 quickly hit the street with 5 personal and arrived just behind Engine 24. Truck 19's officer, can-man, and irons man, all went inside and began searching all divisions, while Truck 19's Outside Vent Man and Driver Operator began venting, throwing ladders, forcing doors, and securing utilities. The fire was upgraded to a 2nd alarm for manpower but was soon later placed under control. Great job by all




Sunday, May 19, 2013   This weekend, 8 members of the LFCO attended a training session in the City of Allentown. The course was called "Make Yourself Hard to Kill" by Leadership Under Fire. Members were awake and training by 7am, participating in many different scenarios and activities which went on all day in acquired structures and burn buildings. The stations consisted of going above the fire without water, disciplined engine company ops, lost and low on air, over reliance of the TIC, functional fitness on the fire ground, and more. All 8 were extremely impressed with the weekend long training, and much knowledge was taken in by extremely informative instructors. Thank you goes out to Nester Video Production for the photos.



Working Fire in Town

Saturday, April 27, 2013   Tonight, companies were dispatched to 19 Stewart ave for a Building fire. Police arrived on location and found smoke showing. Engine 19 and Ladder 20 quickly hit the street and arrived on location simultaneously. Engine 19's crew laid in and stretched 1 3/4 hand line. Engine 19 encountered fire rolling down the hallway and out the rear fire escape doorway of the 2nd floor. Crews quickly knocked the fire and from there were chasing fire that had extended into the walls and void spaces. Truck 19 along with companies 03 and 20 performed searches while company 56 stood as RIT. All searches found negative and all fire was extinguished shortly later. 



Working Fire At The High School

Thursday, April 18, 2013  Just as crews were cleaning up at the firehouse from the job in Clifton Heights, a first due assignment was dispatched for an automatic fire alarm at Pennwood High School. Engine and Truck 19 made the response, and were advised as they were enroute that PD was on location with a fire at the front desk in the lobby. Upon arrival, Engine 19 Officer (D/C Worely) requested a working fire assignment as crews encountered thick hot smoke banked down in the lobby. Engine 19 stretched a 1-3/4" hand line and made a push on the fire in the lobby. Truck 19 laddered, searched, and worked to gain access to several rooms and closets for the Engine Company to extinguish fires. Fire was located in several locations in the building. The incident reached 2 alarms, and first due companies remained on location into the morning with fire investigators. The incident is still under investigation.



Company On Working Fire In Clifton Heights

Thursday, April 18, 2013  Very early this morning, the company was dispatched on the assignment for a building fire in Clifton Heights. Pipeline 19 made the response and arrived along with Engine 03-1 and Engine 74-2. Pipeline 19 layed a supply line and stretched an 1-3/4" hand line and made a push on the fire. The crew made good progress knocking a fire that started out front of the twin home and extended into the first and second floors of both the fire and exposure dwellings. Truck 19 arrived and began laddering, ventilating, and conducting searches. Engine 19 also made the response, laying an additional supply line to the rear of the property. The company operated for just over an hour.



Rescue and Truck on 3rd Alarm

Saturday, April 13, 2013   Early this morning, companies were dispatched to Darby Borough for a working building fire. After being on scene performing Rapid Intervention for a few minutes forcing doors and cutting garage roll ups, the crew was replaced for RIT duties and were then asked to go to the roof and ventilate. The crew broke into two groups and quickly cut the roof from alpha side to Charlie side. Truck 19 also established a water supply and went in service with master stream operations. Kudos to the members on scene today. 



Pin Job In Town

Tuesday, March 26, 2013   Early this morning, Rescue 19 was dispatched for an Accident with Entrapment on Marshall Road. Rescue 19 responded and arrived to find 1 subject trapped in a 4 door sedan. The rescue crew quickly stabilized the vehicle and then proceeded to extricate the victim trapped inside. A quick door removal was performed, freeing the trapped within. Rescue 19 then cleaned up the scene and returned to service moments later.



Yeadon MVA W/ Entrapment

Friday, March 22, 2013   Just around dinner time, Rescue 19 was dispatched to Yeadon Borough for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment, in the parking lot of Mercy Court Apartments. Rescue 19 quickly responded with 7, and arrived on scene moments later to find 1 car up against a small tree with a subjects leg pinned under the car. The crew of 7 split up and began to cut away the tree and stabilize the car while also getting air bags ready to raise the car off the mans foot. Once the crew made access to the mans foot, the men began to lift and crib simultaneously, freeing the man from under the car. The extrication took approximately 30 minutes, and the subject is suspected to make full recovery.



Darby MVA W/ Entrapment

Saturday, March 16, 2013   Just before midnight, Rescue 19 was dispatched to Darby Borough to assist with a motor vehicle accident into a house, with 1 trapped inside the vehicle. Rescue 19 arrived on scene and pulled off the hydraulic tools and went to work on the doors and roof. The roof and doors were removed from the car and the patient was successfully extricated. Other companies on scene were 04, 21, 42,  and 16.



Bedroom fire in Clifton Heights

Thursday, March 14, 2013   Crews took in some mid-afternoon work today as Pipeline 19 and Truck 19 made the response for a bedroom fire @ 213 Harrison Avenue in Clifton Heights.  Pipeline 19 arrived and ran a back-up line to the second floor.  Crews then transitioned to fire attack when the primary line was compromised.  Truck 19's crew arrived, threw ladders and assisted with ventilation.  Good work by all crews on scene resulted in a quick knock, and units were available within the hour.  Clifton Heights, Drexel Hill, Upper Darby Township #5 fire companies also operated on scene, along with EMS crews from Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital (03-7, 75-7).    



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