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Firefighters Against Bullies

Friday, March 8, 2013  A few local Delaware County firemen just started a non-profit organization to raise awareness of bullying. Please show some support and like their page on facebook! You can stop by station 19 Tuesday night 3-12 to purchase a shirt for $15.



Accident with Entrapment in East LA

Monday, March 4, 2013  Just before dinner time, Rescue 19 was dispatched to East Lansdowne for an Accident with entrapment. Within seconds, Rescue 19 responded with 7 personel and arrived to find a Septa bus into a Sedan on Long Lane. Rescue 19 went to work on rescuing the two trapped inside the Sedan. Within approximatley 15 minutes, the Rescue crew had the car stabalized, and had made access to the trapped subjects. The men also assisted EMS with getting them both onto back boards and into ambulances. Having 3 hydraulic tools working at once, the crew removed 3 doors and a "B" post in the rescue actions. A total of 17 people were transported to local hospitals, all of who are in stable condition at this time.



2 Alarm Apartment Fire- Well Off

Saturday, March 2, 2013   Early this morning,  the police were notified of a fire alarm at 32 S. Wycombe Ave. Before fire department was dispatched, it was quickly upgraded to a working fire. Companies 19 & 24 arrived simultaneously both laying in and stretching line to the third floor. While waiting for water, crews from 19, 24, and 16 rapidly searched all adjacent apartments and then proceeded into the apartment that was well involved and began to extinguish the fire. A second alarm was then struck bringing in other surrounding fire companies. While putting a knock on the fire, members of 19 & 24 searched, located and pulled a victim out of the apartment and had handed her off to medical personnel. While truck crews on the roof were vertically ventilating, they notified interior crews of heavy fire in the cockloft in which interior crews began to battle double framed walls and double framed ceilings trying to locate the fire. Eventually a crew from Engine 19 and Engine 24 were able to access the cockloft with a 2 inch handline and put a knock on the fire. Unfortunatly, the women was pronounced dead on arrival. On behalf of the Lansdowne Fire Company, we would like to sincerely wish our condolences to family and friends of the deceased.



First Due Working Fire

Friday, February 15, 2013   At around 10:30 the building fire assignment was dispatched to 75 E. Stewart Av. in the first due for a working house fire. Engine 19 quickly made the response, layed a 3.5" supply line, and put a portable monitor in service. Crews then transitioned to an interior attack with several 1.75" hand lines. Truck 19's crew arrived, started a search, and started vertical and horizontal ventilation. Companies had fire on all floors and the basement. Crews made quick work for such a heavy fire load, and were available in a few hours. 



Accident with Entrapment in Lansdowne

Sunday, February 10, 2013   This morning at at around 6:40 the rescue assignment was dispatched to the unit block of Plumstead Avenue for an accident with entrapment. Police were on location with a single vehicle into a tree with one trapped. Police then requested that fire and EMS units expedite. Medic 105 (Fitz Hospital) arrived, confirmed the police report and that it appeared to be heavy entrapment. A second rescue was recommended and Rescue 20 (Drexel Hill) was added. Rescue 19 arrived and started with a door pop. It was quickly determined that the patient's condition was deteriorating and that he could be removed without further work. Once removed the patient was transported to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Trauma Center by Ambulance 19. Units were back in service in about 30 minutes. 



Engine and Truck Companies on Yeadon Fire

Saturday, February 9, 2013   Tonight at 7:53 the building assignment was dispatched to the 600 Block of Yeadon Avenue in Yeadon. The location is across the street from Station 16, and was immediately upgraded to the working fire. Crews found fire on the second floor of a two story apartment building. Truck 19 was assigned to open the roof and quickly laddered the building and opened a hole. Pipeline 19 secured a second water source and assisted with interior operations. Crews were able to quickly extinguish the fire holding it to the apartment of origin. Also responding were Companies 24 (East Lansdowne), RIT 03 (Clifton Heights) and Fitz Hospital Medics. 



AFA Upgraded to Building Response

Saturday, February 9, 2013   This morning just before three the fire alarm assignment of Companies 19 and 03 (Clifton Heights) was dispatched to the Wildman Arms Condos. Shortly after responding Deputy Chief Worley was advised by Fire Board that the police were on location with smoke on the second floor of "B" Building. The assignment was then upgraded to the full building response adding Companies 20 (Drexel Hill), RIT 09 (Sharon Hill) and Fitz Hospital Medics. Crews found food on the stove in a second floor apartment. Crews provided ventilation and were back in service in about 20 minutes. 



Kitchen Fire in Town

Friday, February 8, 2013   Just around dinner time the Company was alerted to the 100 Block of East Stradford for the building fire, reported in the kitchen. Engine 19 arrived to find a single family dwelling with fire on the stove, extending to the cabinets above. The crew from the Engine was able to knock down the fire with an extinguisher. The assignment was then scaled back to Engine and Truck 19 for ventilation. Also on the response were Companies 16 (Yeadon), 24 (East Lansdowne), RIT 09 (Sharon Hill) and Fitz Hospital Medics.



First arriving on Yeadon 3 alarmer

Tuesday, January 1, 2013  Only a few hours into the new year, the company was dispatched for the working building fire with entrapment at 49 Lincoln Avenue in Yeadon.  Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital  Paramedic Pete Bochanski (who is also LFCO Rescue Lieutanant) was driving in the area and discovered the fire.  Lt. Bochanski was able to rescue the homeowner who was trapped on the porch roof prior to the arrival of fire units.  Chief 16-9 (DiIenno) requested a second alarm prior to arrival due to heavy fire conditions reported by EMS units on scene.  Truck 19, staffed with six, arrived first in and was greeted by fire throughout the original fire building, rapidly spreading to the adjoining twin.  Crews simultaneously began a search of the adjoining twin to ensure all occupants were out, and began preparing for master-stream operations.  Pipeline 19 arrived shortly thereafter and secured  a hyrant and supplied Quint 3's ladder pipe.  A third alarm was struck by Command for ember control due to a large amount of embers falling several blocks east and north of the fire location.  Units operated for several hours battling cold temperatures, and multiple building collapses.  The fire was placed under control about three hours after it was dispatched, and crews finally returned to station around 7:30am.  Great job to all crews on scene but most of all great job to Lt. Bochanski!



Rescue and Truck to Colwyn Fire

Sunday, December 30, 2012  Just after dinner time, LFCO was dispatched to Colwyn Borough for a building fire. While responding all units were advised of a working fire in the residence. Rescue 19 was 3rd arriving apparatus. Members gathered the RIT tool compliments and proceeded to the scene when they were notified of a firefighter down due to electrocution. The RIT team then assisted the firefighter to safety and where they then carried him to an ambulance and was transported to the hospital. The Rescue crew then proceeded to ladder all windows, perform ventilation, and secure the power to the building. After doing so, the team then went back to staging where they split the crew half on alpha side and half on charlie side. Once a second RIT team was in place, the members of 19 assisted with overhaul and later assisted with rolling hose. Units remained on scene for roughly 3 hours before returning available.



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